World Cup Dream Trips

Wengen, Kitzbuhel & Schladming

Trip 1 - Wengen Jan 11-19th, 2017
Trip 2 - Kitz & Schladming Jan. 18-26th, 2017
Combine Both Trips and See It All.

Wengen Trip $2690.00

Kitz Trip $3050.00

Combo Trip $4700.00

phone: 877-681-8147

Japow Ski Trip

Japan Epic Powder Adventure

You have heard of the epic powder snow in Japan.
This is the trip to go and make your dreams come true.
4-5 days of skiing and riding including transfers, hotels and breakfast.

Total Price $2650.00

phone: 877-681-8147

Welcome To The Alp Du Lakemont Ski Club

The Alp Du Lakemont Ski Club is the fastest growing ski club in the world. Why you ask? Because. What started as just a small gathering of enthusiastic skiers in a small garage in the Pacific North West exploded. It might have been due to the powers of the interweb or more likely the constant posts on social media by Anna Fenninger, Tina Maze and the rest of our quickly growing fans on the Womens WC Tour. Or maybe its our legendary summer race camps with Phil & Steve Mahre, with guest coaches Ted Ligety and Andrew Weibrecht. There are so many Olympic legends associated with the ADL its like a black hole - it just sucks people in. However, its the little people, the World Cup Wannabees and the powder hounds that make the ADL so special. We are of the people for the people (and their four legged friends).

Of course there are also the infamous parties and social gatherings featuring the famous Hammerschlagen (depicted in the ADL logo), shotskis, beer pong on the goddess of the Wasatch - The Provo Girl pong table - Or it could be the insane, once in a lifetime ski trips to Kitzbuhel with former US Ski Team Coaches or off the chart deep pow excursions to the magical mountains of Japan or could it be the access to our own secret ADL shotski elixir from somewhere deep in the high mountains of Southern Europe?

Yes, our ski loving brethren, the ADL is on the rise. All our welcome - as long as you love all things skiing that is - you're in. To learn more about what the ADL is check out our About page for more info.