A New Tradition For Cinematic Stoke

The Fall ADL Movie Night - A New Tradition of Cinematic Stoke

We kicked off the winter of 2015 with an exclusive showing of the STREIF - ONE HELL OF A RIDE presented by RED BULL and Warren Miller Films. The ADL was super excited to bring this European exclusive to Seattle and our super retro showing at the North Bend Theater. We sold out the joint, served beer and wine and had one of the best movie swag raffles of the year. It was an epic night and it was with that showing we decided it must be an annual tradition.

The ADL Fall Classics Were Born!


In the fall of 2016 we decided to go retro with the large screen, digitally remastered showing of DOWNHILL RACER. Featuring legendary actors Robert Redford and Gene Hackman. Local UW Ski Team member Jon Jay Jalbert, from Jalbert Productions kicked off the night with a private video message to the audience. He thanked us for the showing and gave us a few behind the scenes anecdotes about Redford and scenes in the movie. It was a great night with more epic swag giveaways, beer, wine and great costumes from the audience.

Seeing Camilla Sparv and the orange 912 Porsche careening around corners in Wengen on the big screen was legendary. As by design both movies feature locations and races from our two ADL Dream Trips - Kitzbuhel in the Streif and DH Racer in Wengen. If you want to get pumped for our trips watch these movies in the summer doldrums.

Coming this Fall 2017 To The North Bend Theater

We will do another movie this Fall but what will it be?? We have one movie in mind which is out of print and hard to find. We are working on it and will update when we know more. Until then if any members have some great suggestions let us know. Member input would be greatly appreciated - Theme and party ideas, costumes etc we are open ears.

Let the Fall Tradition Continue. TBA