Performance Center, Free Atomic Demos, Dog Friendly

ADL Pro Haus & Atomic Demo Center

Like all great rock bands and Apple Computer, we also started in our garage. Our humble beginings have taught us to keep things simple and true. The ADL Pro Haus is a place members can come to wax and tune their skis, play a round of Hammerschlagen, pet the Chloe and head out with the latest skis from Atomic to test and evaluate. There is even some exorcise equipment for dryland training, such as balance boards, free weights, and a Roman Bench for lower back extensions.

So whether you just want to wax up your skis, grab some stickers or schedule a demo of some sweet Atomic race or powder boards, let us know. There is always beer in the fridge and secret ADL mountain grappa in the freezer. Just make an appointment and drop by.

Call ahead: +1-509-426-4497