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Reinventing The Ski Club Experience

What's Old Is New

What's old is new. and the idea to reinvent the classic ski club concept in the digital age. Does anyone start ski clubs anymore? Is it a concept that even exists outside of the youth ski racing clubs? It's a question we asked and before we could decide for certain. the ADL became the answer.

It's fair to say the ADL evolved into a club, rather than started. The idea was hatched when a few fathers got together on weekends to take their kids skiing together, in a large neighborhood posse. We made the kids wax and scrape their own skis in the garage on Friday nights, which would later become the headquarters, and then we would hit the local Seattle resorts on Saturday. The kids would follow each other fearlessly down gate 4 at Crystal and anywhere else the fathers wanted to ski. Fearing only being left behind. they advanced quickly.

We live in a neighborhood high on a hill above Lake Sammamish, called Lakemont. The road up is long and steep and we called it Alp du Lakemont as an ode to the Tour de France, inspiring us when we attacked the clymb on our bicycles during the summer months. The name stuck and we started referring to our weekend ski adventures as the Alp du Lakemont Ski Club outings. There was nothing official about it until we had an ADL sticker made - the first black and white ADL oval created a monster.

That oval sticker gained popularity and spawned a second. We started playing hammerschlagen in the secret hut in the Cascade Mountains and on thursday nights after our City League races. We co-opted the Raifiessen Bank logo, that adorned the best male and female Austrian racers helmets, and changed the swords to hammers to symbolize our strong bonds and love of the schlagen. That sticker had a life of its own and spread while perking interest in this now unofficial club of sorts. Our founder, Kyle Watson was already deeply involved in the creation of EvoTrips with local ski store evo.com. After that successful endeavor, he felt it was the right time to create something new, different and unique in the ski and travel space for a bit older audience that harkened for something new. while celebrating the retro, classic and race heritage of skiings golden eras. The ADL was the chosen vehicle for just such a journey.

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The Future Is Now

A Message From The Founder:

A ski club in the digital age has to be global and be cutting edge. As far as I know we are the only club offering pro style trips to Japan, Europe and North and South America all in the same year. We offer global discounts on unique partner brands that enhance your ski experience and new for 2017/18 we have strategically partnered with Atomic Skis to offer free demos for our members and a special pricing program soon to be launched.

Our ADL Dream Trips and Mahre Camp are open to anyone around the world. The ADL Mahre Camp is now in its 6th year and attracts Masters skiers from as far away as Italy, Boston, Maine and Florida. The Kitzbuhel Dream Trip is now 3 years old and is the most exciting World Cup stop on the tour and we really have it dialed in. The Wengen Dream Trip was such a great experience we are returning in 2017/18. The Lauberhorn races are beautiful and the skiing and scenery are out of this world. Its a storybook destination and one every true race fan and skier should visit. I have been organizing trips to Japan for over 8 years and the ADL Japow Trips have it all, empty resorts with all day untracked deep and dry Japanese powder, and a local lodge with unique facilities and amazing culture and food. All our trips are kept small (12-14 People Max) so we ensure an intimate and easy atmosphere - you will never get lost in a large, herd mentality group.

The future looks bright and I thank all our members, partners and local favorite ski resorts like Stevens Pass and Mission Ridge for supporting us while we strive to create the coolest ski club in the world.

So let's go skiing!


Kyle Watson

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