Razor-Tune Your Edges – Now Available Direct From The ADL Online!

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The ADL is pleased to offer Razor-Tune edge sharpeners direct to consumers from our online store at special ADL pricing. These machines have proven to us to be the best combination of precision and price in a design that is full-proof for novice and expert tuners alike. You will cut hours off your tuning time and will never have an excuse to leave the house with dull edges again. We are proud to be a premier partner of Razor-Tune offering you an exclusive online price sans tax and at a fixed shipping rate.

The Razor-Tune Advantage

Razor-Tune is a precision ski edge tuner that delivers World Cup edge sharpness and surface finish at an affordable price. Razor-Tune was developed by racers for racers. They consulted coaches, racers, and race technicians to create a tool that is simple to use and produces a professional grade, race-ready finish.

  • Spring-loaded grind wheel
    • No manual adjustments
  • Tune with the ski mounted flat in the vices​​
    • Stable, Error-free operation 
  • Fast
    • Race-Ready Edge in as little as 5 minutes
  • Easy to Use
    • Athletes as young as U14 can master it​
  • Burr-free Edge​
    • Always cuts away from the base by engaging only the downward spinning side of the wheel​

Train & Ski Sharp

In as little as five minutes a night, you or your athlete can be training on razor-sharp skis every day (not just on race day).  Our medium abrasive wheel is designed to be used daily to maintain a sharp, burr-less edge in one step.  Coaches love that young athletes can now tune their own skis. Even recreational skiers will notice the difference in their skiing and confidence when skiing on properly tuned skis, edge hold and responsiveness on hard snow will have you skiing cleaner and more dynamically.

Available Packages & Our Suggestion

There are 3 packages to choose from Basic, 2Wheel & Pro Kits in both Cordless (Li-Ion Battery Pack) or AC. We are only offering the 2Wheel and Pro Kits in both styles as we feel strongly that the one wheel version is too limiting. Our go to version is the 2Wheel Cordless version with Medium and Course wheels. Why Cordless? It makes sharpening a much easier experience, eliminating the risk of the AC cord catching on brakes, bindings and vices. It’s a huge difference. Why 2 Wheels? The Medium wheel is our go to wheel to keep the skis sharp day in and day out. 2-3 passes on each side and you are ready to go. The Course Wheel is great for setting a new edge or cleaning up damage. If you are an East Coast racer or someone who prefers a 4 degree edge on your SL skis then the pro-kit with the Fine Wheel might be for you. The Fine Wheel is equivalent to running diamond stones across your edges as it removes very little material and gives it more of a polish.

ADL Preferred Package The 2WHEEL CORDLESS:
2 Wheel Cordless with Medium & Course Wheels, 2 & 3 Degree plates, Battery and Carry Case.

AC Versions available as well:
2 Wheel Cordless with Medium & Course Wheels, 2 & 3 Degree plates, Battery and Carry Case.

The Pro Kit – Complete race tuning kit includes the Razor-Tune precision edge sharpening tool with 3 grinding wheels (Fine, Medium, and Coarse), 2° wedge, 3° wedge, power supply, and a tool bag.  Custom wedge angles available by request.
The Razor-Tune 2-Wheel tuning kit includes the Razor-Tune precision edge sharpener with 2 grinding wheels (Medium and Coarse) or (Fine and Medium), 2° wedge, 3° wedge, power supply, and a tool bag.  Custom wedge angles are available by request.  Other 2 wheel combinations are available by request.

How To Order:

Simply go to our online store and order – Prices include tax and flat rate shipping is only $10.99.

Endorsed By:

Your ADL Comish had 8 pairs of skis to prepare before our Mahre Camp in June. There was no time to hand sharpen all the skis and still get everything else done. We called Lou, he Fedexed one out and we got all the skis done in one short session. The Razor-Tune kit is also used and endorsed by ADL members and racers Chris Maxwell, Willy Scroggins and American Downhiller Jared Goldberg.