ADL Greek Ski Racer Summer Training Camp & Gastronomy Center of Excellence

Published by Kyle Watson on

This summer saw the grand opening of the club training and gastronomy center of excellence in the Greek Island of Kalymnos. The Mahre brothers and cousin Todd along with all their wives and ADL member and head coach Knut Olberg, cut the ribbon on the newest addition to the club offerings. The idea came after seeing how successful the US Ski team has been since opening their center in Park City, Utah.

The Greek center is the brainchild of ADL Chairman Kyle Watson. “I looked at what the USST was doing in Utah and thought we can do better. They don’t have crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea to waterski and SUP on. They can’t scuba dive with wild dolphins and 600lb Blue Fin Tuna and they definitely cant match our dietary program. The food and drink we have access to is unrivaled. Where else can you play high level beach volleyball after having a 3 hour lunch with Ouzo and grilled Octopus?? It’s next level training and innovative for sure.”

With the opening of the center the club plans to offer hosted retreats to interested club members in summer 2020. There are a few different lodging options with incredible views of Telendos Island. The club has a 140hp rib to access remote beaches and to pull skiers and wakeboarders. They also have a couple SUPs, a private beach volleyball court and their own yoga instructor. You can hike, swim, scuba and stay active as much as you want, but also enjoy a unique Greek island that exudes the qualities of the real Greece. Its not a tourist trap and it offers world class rock climbing as well.

Eating is a huge part of the experience. Meals are all enjoyed family style with classic and local dishes alike covering the table. House wine and Greek beers flow endlessly and after 2 hours of eating and laughing your bill might come to $10-$15.00 Euros per person. Its beyond reasonable.

Days can be spent relaxing at the beach or filled with many of the activities offered by the club and the island. The Mahres came to relax and celebrate 8 years of fun cooperation on the ADL summer race camp at Mt. Hood. HO Skis donated a top of the line ski and accessories to the center for future use by the members and Phil, Steve, Cousin Todd and their lovely wives gave the whole experience their stamp of approval. If you are interested in visiting the center next summer please email or call us to discuss.