Get Famous In Japow

Published by Kyle Watson on

So you want to be a ski star? Well you might not get famous, but you’ll definitely get some great pow shots both in pictures and in videos. Announcing the 1st Annual ADL Japow Movie Trip. That’s right we’re looking for 8 solid skiers and friends to come to our secret paradise in Japan to help us make the ADL Japow Movie. A rare opening on trip 2, combined with the participation of a talented filmer, and we have ourselves a pro style movie trip.

How will this trip be different than all our others you might ask? Well, first off we always take a ton of photos of everybody on the trips, but this will be different. We want to make a high quality short film and content pieces that will really capture the mood and total experience of our special trips to JAPOW. The 8 skiers will be the stars along with the people we see every year at the restaurants, resorts, bars and special places we visit along the way.

We will have daily objectives as part of our film outline that we will want to capture. If we are strategic about it we can get the shots done quickly and then get back to doing whatever the heck we want. We’re not making a huge production here – its just a snippet real of all the best highlights. The idea is to film various participants each day, some nights out on the town but do it in a way that it doesn’t distract from our usual fun. It’s a ski trip after all.

We have our own 4×4 10 passenger van to get us around the various resorts. In typical ADL fashion we wont typically know our next days objective until the night before and sometimes in the morning. It all depends on conditions and with the micro climates in and around our area game time decisions are critical to scoring the best skiing.

So it’s a typical ADL Japow trip – infact you can read all the details of it here on our site, except for the difference being the 8 people that opt for Trip 2 in the Movie Van will be riding with ADL Founder Kyle Watson and our movie producer. Not only will you be featured in the ADL clips, you will also get access to all your shots to keep and do as you like with them. You don’t have to be a pro or even ski like one – you just have to be a strong pow skier and have a great attitude for fun and want to enjoy the experience. In return for your efforts in front of the lens we will be giving all 8 $300.00 off our member discount price and you will receive an annual membership in the club along with all the benefits and discounts.

Interested skiers should call or email the club and ask for Kyle.