Packasport Joins The ADL

Published by Kyle Watson on

Super excited to announce the addition of premium car top brand Packasport to the ADL Ski Club list of partners. All current ADL members will get $100.00 off any of their industry leading car top models.

Packasport is a made in USA company operating out of Eugene, Oregon. The quality boxes are handmade using fiberglass and feature marine grade carpet liners, airshock struts, locks and the durability to last decades. You can also order in a custom color to match your vehicle. Unlike the cheaper, flimsy plastic models offered by Thule, Yakima and others… the Packasport boxes are solid and can take a beating without showing any wear for years on end.

The other great thing about Packasport is the models don’t change and parts are offered very reasonably to keep your box working for years to come. Much like Weber barbeques and Coleman camping gear or Craftsman tools of yore – the parts are available to keep them like new.

Resell value for Packasports is also great. You can count on selling your box at any time for atleast 50% of retail or more. They hold their value because they are so well made.

The ADL chairman is a huge supporter of Packasport with two system 90s on each of his two Audi Club mobiles, pictured here.

Summer 2020 we will be working up a custom ADL Club version with Packasport which you can order online… Stay tuned. Until then if you want to get a new Packasport reach out to us for the discount code.

Thank you Packasport for supporting the club with great products and a discount.