Japow Dream Trip 2020 – Photos & Stories

Published by Kyle Watson on

We have been going to our secret village in Japan for over five years. We always go in February as it’s the time the Siberian funnel pumps light, dry snow on the surrounding hills like a cannon. Sure some people swear by going to north to Niseko and other resorts in “Japanuary” but, in our humble opinion they are wrong on both fronts. Our little village on the main island 3 hours from Tokyo gets double the snow depths and rarely sees a crowd or a lift line. In all honesty this year was an anomaly. Our friend Mikio, owner of our favorite resort, said it was the worst winter in 50 years. We had to work harder than ever to line up the couple storms we did get and everyone still got a good taste of why we go. Even in the worst year ever – it delivered. There are other reasons we love skiing in Japan from the Onsens, incredible food, to the people and fun we have with our local friends, it’s a cultural experience. We will be back for another decade because it’s not a winter without a week in Japow!