The Willy’s Run

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The Inkling: What is the Willy’s Run? Well first you have to ask what is a Willy’s. If you have been on one of our Austria Dream Trips then you would know the answer to the first part. Willy’s is a uniquely Austrian shot of Williams Pear Schnapps with a little round cocktail pear in the bottom of the glass, often adorned with a tooth-picked Austrian flag. It’s one of the most enjoyable après shots in the world, clean, refreshing with just the right amount of whooooeeeee on the finish.

That leaves us with “The Run”… well my friends the run is what you dream up when the government keeps you locked down at home for too long. Your mind starts to wander to better days and your ideas of what you will do when you get out of lockdown tend to lean towards the extreme and the fringe. It didn’t help that our supply of Williams we brought back from Austria in January was starting to dwindle. A few illegal backcountry trips out to the ADL Hutte and our bottles of Williams were getting painfully low. So in a moment of depravity we came up with the brilliant idea of flying to Innsbruck for the weekend in the fall to replenish our stocks for the long winter ahead and to do it in pure ADL style!

The Willy’s Run is something akin to the Cannonball Run but instead of driving from NYC to Los Angeles in record time we will fly in style to Munich, rent a few mid 80s classic 911SC Porsches and drive like mad men possessed, to Innsbruck and the Interspar Market, that sits 100 meters from the door of our hotel. The 1 Liter bottles of Felser Williamsbirnenschnaps are only $9.00 Euros – We will grab 4 Liters each and make a run back to our rooms where we will transfer it to box wine bags and then transport it back to the USofA in our official ADL Team Luggage at the end of the trip.

The rest of our days will be spent alternating drives in the fleet of Porsches supplied to us by our colleagues in Munich. Time is short on a Willy’s Run so we need to move quickly and dispense with the pleasantries and other niceties usually associated with a typical ADL Dream Trip.

The Plan: Fly to Munich on Miles. Leave on a Thursday and land on Friday morning. Get the Porsches and drive the 3 hours to Innsbruck (in 2 hours).
Secure the Williams before we forget why we came.
Go to dinner in Innsbruck Central Square at our favorite Bier Hauses then walk home to the hotel.

Saturday we will drive out past Soelden to the top of the pass at Hochgurgl along one of the best driving roads in Europe – the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road. At 2509M (8231 Feet) Its one of the famous high passes in Europe. At the top there is a ski resort and the also famous Motorcycle Museum of Timmelsjoch. Even if you are not a motor cycle enthusiast the pure adrenalin of driving up the road and then enjoying the incredible machinery in an architectural marvel at 8000 feet is pretty cool. They have over 230 classic motor cycles from approximately 100 manufacturers are presented together with some automobile rarities. Its cool.

We may spend the night up in the village at the top of the Timmelsjoch in a nice Alpin Hotel and Spa and then drive down to Innsbruck in the morning after a brisk hike in the alpine. The drive on Sunday back to Munich will take us through Seefeld, Garmisch and the Autobahn to Munich. We will go to our favorite spots in the city before flying back on Monday. An extra day or two can be added on for anyone not in a hurry.

The Skinny:
Duration: 4 Days & 3 Nights or 7 Days with options for more without the Porsches.

Transportation: Airport Transfers To From Our Porsche Garage, Mid 80s Porsche 911SC 3.2 for each couple. Two people can share one car or you can pay more and have your own.

Accommodations: 3 Nights Total – 2 Nights in and around Innsbruck, 1 Night in Munich – Also TBD Stay tuned may make bigger.

Meals: Breakfasts all days then great food at our favorite places in Tyrol and Munich

Guided Adventure: All participants will get a killer ADL Willy’s Run Jacket and a pair of Official ADL Carrera Sun Glasses to round out the swag bag. Box Wine Liter bags will be provided to return the Willy’s safely back to the USofA.

Total Price: The cost for all the above will be approximately $1600.00 per person not including airfare. Due to Covid-19 we expect to find low mileage points flights or other side deals resulting in low last minute fares. The cost is based on two person sharing of the Porsche and a Room.

This trip is an ADL original and is not for the faint of heart. If you love the Alps, Porsches and the Fast Lane then this trip is for you. Space is limited to 8 people and preferably two good friends or buddies in each car/room. The words safety, caution and lockdown will not be permitted while on this adventure.

Submit your interest to be part of this adventure and we will reach out and coordinate the rest of the details. If we can get enough participants for this fall we will run it in 2020. If not we will keep the list and the concept in play for next fall. This is pure ADL magic in the making.