Douchebags Coming Through… Again!

Published by Kyle Watson on

They’re back! The best ski luggage in the world is available again to ADL Members at pro level pricing through our partner access at! There is no other luggage we would role through Tokyo Station and European airports with. Their patented hook up design frees your hands and makes the journey smoother.

How to access ADL Special Pricing on Douchebags:
1. Be or become a member of the ADL Ski Club – Join Here
2. Get the ADL special access code and instructions – Request Here
3. Browse through over 80+ Outdoor brands and look for DB.
4. Enjoy pro level pricing and savings.

DB bags as they are now known, were designed by pro skier Jon Olson to fill his desire for a functional ski bag that wouldn’t bend when loaded up and would easily store in the often small hotel rooms of Europe and Japan. Utilizing the engineering expertise of Swedish University students the award winning bag was launched. The ADL has been a proud user, sponsor and advocate for their bags for over 6 years.

What’s in a name?

*The name “Douchebags” was conceived and dismissed in an early brainstorming session. Then Jon asked his audience what the company should be called, and “Douchebags” came up again and again. They liked that it was irreverent and brought a playfulness to their otherwise polished branding. With one chance to succeed, they knew they needed to be memorable. After much debate they finally decided: Douchebags it is.