ADL Member Gear Shop Now Open

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You requested it and we heard you. Introducing the ADL Member Gear Shop where you can list and sell unwanted gear easily and fast. Selling used or unwanted gear is always a hassle. If you list it on Craigslist or Facebook you have to deal with tons of questions and people who say they will come to get it in an hour and then never show up. In the end most of us give up and just let the gear collect dust or we give it away.

The Club Gear Shop is online now. Bring us your gear.

That can all change now with the ADL Club Gear Shop. All you have to do is bring your gear to the Club Headquarters, we look up the value and list it for you professionally in the Club Online Shop. We will promote it, deal with the questions and most importantly, the shipping and fulfillment. Buyers can either pay for shipping in the purchase process or arrange a pickup appointment at the club. Once the item sells we send you your money via Venmo. The processing fee for the service is $20.00 and can be automatically deducted from the sale price.

Bring us your gear and we will do the rest.

The ADL Member Gear Shop will also feature new and used gear alongside special products from many of our Premier Partners. To get started simply email or call us to let us know what you want to sell. We will setup an appointment to drop it off and get your info and the rest is up to us.

Sell Your Unwanted Gear – Call or email us to get started today.

Or call us at 509-426-4497