The ADL Retro Sweater Is Back!

Published by Kyle Watson on

We found this classic ski sweater made by Skidress, hiding on a rack at Intersport in Chamonix on our 2017 DreamTrip. We liked it so much we made a deal with Bruno Martinier, the owner of the company, to supply the club.  We ordered a dozen that year and then much to our dismay the piece went out of production.  Out of the blue, Bruno reached out to us last week. He had found a couple boxes in the warehouse and low and behold they had our favorite ski/apres sweater in them. A treasure trove of good luck and style. 

Now after years of members asking where they can get their own, the Skidress Quarante-Deux is available in Red or Anthracite on the ADL online shop. These run one size small so we have listed both sizes the EU Size and the equivalent USA size. We have exclusive access to this last remaining inventory. Once they are gone that’s it. The wool blend sweaters are durable and should last a lifetime if well cared for. Our originals are still looking new after 5 seasons of stylish fun.

The collar and shirt tails are actually sewn-in to the sweater and create the unique look. It also makes it very warm and stylish – collars down while skiing, up at apr├Ęs.

Sizing: We have listed them in the store with their US equivalent size as these run one size small. For example my sweaters are labeled XL but I wear a US Large. If I got the EU L it would be a US Medium. We only have US XL in the Anthracite color – if you want US XL order the Red XXL.

Pricing & Shipping: These sweaters cost $180 Euros in France back in 2017. We got access to the final boxes of inventory and once these are gone that’s it. We will be ordering in blocks of 10 after you purchase to minimize shipping costs – please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Retail Price – $210USD
ADL SPECIAL CLUB PRICE – $159.00 plus local shipping
or pickup locally once it arrives