Once Upon A Time In Squallywood

Published by Kyle Watson on

Long after Cliff Booth sent Bruce Lee aka “Kato”, flying into a Lincoln, he was doing some of his own flying just up north in Squallywood. Yes, Cliff Booth was Scott Shmidts stunt double back in the early 80s . Most if not all those cliff hucks on 210cm boards were done by Ol’ Cliff. Warren Miller used him too but not as much. Warren was a crafty old vet and sometimes when they were planning a big jump and the skiers would be getting cold feet, Warren would just say something like… “Well I guess I can call Cliff Booth, but then I can’t pay you guys.” and that was enough to get them to put their big boy pants back on.

Cliff was never one for seeking the fame and limelight. He gladly gave Shmidty all the credit, but back down in the village after skiing, CB as his friends called him, was the man. He skied in jeans and his trademark aloha shirt flapped unbuttoned in the wind as he sailed 200ft off drops nobody thought possible. Later at the famous Slot Bar or was it Le Chamois?… anyhow’s he would throw down 10 rows of tequila shots with limes and salt and say how nobody would beat Franz Klammer in a Chinese Downhill. A young and cocky Daron Rahlves heard this boast and offered to race Cliff in a Chinese Downhill and thus the Rahlves Banzai Tour was born.

Cliff was the original Squallywood bad boy that nobody wanted to mess with but, everyone wanted to party with.

In the late 60’s he started CB sports. Yeah that’s right Cliff Booth Sports, a popular ski clothing brand in its day and now its back. But it was the ADL Champion shirt that was his trademark and now you too can harness the power of Cliff Booth with our limited edition CHAMPION T-shirt. If you look closely you can see it was this original design he wore back in the day.

*Large belt buckle, jeans and Aloha shirt not included, but highly recommended.