The Kulkea ADL Hot Burrito Boot Bag

Published by Kyle Watson on

We are proud to announce the addition of Kulkea to the list of ADL Premier Partners. Kulkea products are obsessively tested gear that mobilizes you to explore new frontiers. They relentlessly tinker until all of their products have clever details, seamless organization and meticulous craftsmanship — We have been on the look out for a great heated bag that is compact, light and still has the space you need for your essentials and a couple burritos :). The Kulkea bags are made of high quality materials making them a much nicer travel companion than larger, heavier bags we have used in the past.

To kick off the partnership we are offering their thermal heated boot bag with the ADL Logo on each side at special member pricing. Click on the link below to see the price and get one for yourself. We know its end of the season but you can use this to store your gear nicely for next season and get it at a crazy good price.

Heated boot bags are key to a great day on the mountain. Not only does it help you keep all your gear in one place from goggles, helmets, gloves etc but you can heat your boots up in the house or cabin the night before. It keeps your boots dry and toasty. Then with the Autoplug adapter you can keep them warm on the way up to the mountain. Getting on your boots in the parking lot will go from a struggle to a warm, easy task. You haven’t lived until you have experienced the joy of a heated boots.

Why do we call it the Hot Burrito Boot Bag? Great question and thanks to the input from our experienced members the boot bag doubles as a warming oven for your morning breakfast on the hill. The ADL Breakfast Burrito recipe can be found in our Quarantine Cookbook and below. Basically you can make the burritos the night before. Wrap them in foil and put in a good ziploc bag. In the morning put one in each boot compartment and they will be warm by the time you get to the mountain. You can also substitute the classic Chalmers Breakfast Sandwich as well.

ADL Breakfast Burrito for the Pow Days Recipe:
This will make about 4-5 Breakfast Burritos for you and your whole crew. Make the night before and wrap in foil and put in a ziploc bag so it doesn’t break and get in your nice warm boots. The best is to wake up early and make them and then put them right in the boot bag and start driving for the goods. Cook time about 20 minutes.

1 – bag Simply Potatoes Southwest Flavor for a little kick
1 – Tube Chorizo as pictured. 
4 – eggs
1- Sharp Cheddar Cheese Grated
1 – San Juan Salsa Medium or Hot if you like the spice
1 – Pack of Large Flour Tortillas. Burrito Size
1-2 – Avocados

In a large no stick skillet add the potatoes and cook on high heat. When they are about half done move to one side and add the Chorizo. Let the Chorizo cook for a few minutes so that it starts to spread out with your cooking tool, like a wood spoon or spatula. Once the Chorizo starts to get real loose and the oils are flowing mix it in with the potatoes and continue to cook them mixed together. Turn the heat down to medium so it doesnt burn. Let it cook about 10 minutes flipping it so not to burn.
Once the potatoe/Chorizo mix is looking cooked add 4 eggs on top. Simply crack the eggs and dump them evenly on top of the mixture – gently with your spatula mix them around and into the potato/chorizo mixture. You don’t want to scramble them – keep them loose and messy but dont pre scramble.
Now add the grated cheese on top to taste and cover with a lid – turn the heat to low. Once the cheese is melted the mixture is ready for the tortillas. Add the mixture to each tortilla – garnish them with some fresh avocado and salsa.
Wrap them in foil and put into their own ziplock bags.
Now put them in the boot bag and head out to get some Pow Pow.