Willy’s Run 2 – Soelden WC Dreamtrip OCT 19-25th, 2021

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Ok lets try this again… Our last attempt at a weekend escape to Austria for the Soelden World Cup opener got stifled by the word that shall not be spoken. So here we are 2 years later and we are going and we are looking for 8 passionate and spur of the moment friends to join us.

WHEN: OCT 19-25th, 2021
WHERE: INNSBRUCK AUSTRIA with 2 Days of Race Watching and Partying at Soelden for the Womens GS on Saturday and the Mens GS on Sunday.
INCLUDED: 5 Nights Lodging in Innsbruck, Private Transportation in 3-4 Audi A4 Wagons, Breakfast, Race Tickets & Special Fan Club Access in the stands for Team ADLskiclub.
TOTAL PRICE: $1600.00 not including airfare.

The Inkling: What is the Willy’s Run? Well first you have to ask what is a Willy’s. If you have been on one of our Austria Dream Trips then you would know the answer to the first part. Willy’s is a uniquely Austrian shot of Williams Pear Schnapps with a little round cocktail pear in the bottom of the glass, often adorned with a tooth-picked Austrian flag. It’s one of the most enjoyable après shots in the world, clean, refreshing with just the right amount of whooooeeeee at the finish.

The Run: The Willy’s Run is something akin to the Cannonball Run but instead of driving from NYC to Los Angeles in record time we will fly in style to Munich, where we will pickup 3 or 4 Audi A4 Wagons – The original plan was to rent a few mid 80s classic 911SC Porsches and drive like mad men possessed, to Innsbruck and the Interspar Market, that sits 100 meters from the door of our hotel – But sadly the company that rented the Porsches got wiped out of business by the restrictions of the word that shall not be spoken. As part of our mission we will purchase 1 Liter bottles of Felser Williamsbirnenschnaps for only $9.00 Euros – We will grab 4 Liters each and make a run back to our rooms where we will transfer it to box wine bags and then transport it back to the USofA.

The Plan: Fly to Munich on Miles or secure cheap airfare leaving on Tuesday Oct 19th and arrive the next day.

Wednesday: Get the Audis and drive the 3 hours to Innsbruck. Secure the Williams before we forget why we came.
Go to dinner in Innsbruck Central Square at our favorite Bier Haus then walk back home to our hotel.

Thursday: After breakfast we will head out for a 45minute drive to Axamer Lizum ski resort and either hike up to the summit house for lunch or if you are not into hiking take the cog train up. After a nice day in the Tyrol Alps we will head back to the hotel. Across the street is a metro we will take 10 minutes up the mountain to Nordkette where we will enjoy a whole view of Innsbruck at night and have some cocktails.

Friday: We have all day to do whatever we want – we can drive to any number of great tourist spots and have a great lunch somewhere authentic. Friday evening we will drive to Soelden for the bib draw and other celebrations to start the race.


10.00 am1st run Womens GSLRettenbach Glacier
 World Cup PartyRettenbach Glacier
01.00 pm2nd run Womens GSLRettenbach Glacier
afterwardsPrize giving
ceremony women
Rettenbach Glacier
 World Cup PartyRettenbach Glacier
06.00 pmWorld Cup Party
with DJ Instyle
Postplatz square


10.00 am1st run Mens GSLRettenbach Glacier
 World Cup PartyRettenbach Glacier
01.15 pm2nd run Mens GSLRettenbach Glacier
afterwardsPrice giving
ceremony men
Rettenbach Glacier
 World Cup PartyRettenbach Glacier

Monday: We will stay the final night (Sunday in Munich at the Airport Hilton) Flights home Monday morning. You will get home the same day.

The 007 Elements Station at the top of Soelden – We can visit on Friday. The “007 ELEMENTS” cinematic installation towers on the summit of Gaislachkogl at 3050 m above sea level, but hides inside the mountain in the true style of a secret agent. Not only die-hard 007 fans are thrilled by the official Bond Location with its dramatic architecture and brilliant staging.
Predicate: absolutely worth seeing!

This trip is an ADL original and is not for the faint of heart. If you love the Alps, Audis and the Fast Lane then this trip is for you. Space is limited to 8 people and preferably two good friends, adventurous couples or buddies in each room and 2-4 in each car. The words safety, caution and do you think this is a good idea? will not be permitted while on this adventure.

Submit your interest to be part of this adventure and we will reach out and coordinate the rest of the details. This will be pure ADL magic in the making.