ADL Presents: Mission Mt. Mangart

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The movie event of the year is back and bigger than ever. The ADL is proud to present the Seattle area premier screening of MISSION MT. MANGART. The movie will be presented in person by writer, director & producer Chris Anthony! Some of you may know Chris from his 27 years as a professional skier in Warren Millers famous movies, but he is also a documentary filmmaker, and a Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame inductee!  “Mission Mt. Mangart” follows the 10th  Mountain Division’s trailblazing efforts by this experimental infantry unit made up of world-class athletes, mountain men, and cowboys during WWII. The 10th Mountain Division left behind an indelible legacy equally matched by their legendary heroism during wartime. 


When:  December 12, 2021 Movie  5-8PM Q&A 8-9PM
Where: The North Bend Theater, North Bend WA
Covid Policy: Theater Rules

Special VIP Mixer: Get the VIP Tickets and join Chris Anthony from 2:30-4:45PM at the brand new Snoqualmie Valley Youth Center, Includes beverages, hors d’oeuvres, poster signing and special reserved seats at the theater.
Where: 1430 Boalch Ave NW, North Bend, WA 98045


GENERAL ADMISSION  |  Adult $25 // Child $15
VIP ADMISSION  |  $50 Includes pre-show reception and Q&A with the filmmaker at the Snoqualmie Youth Center, complimentary beer & wine provided by Lagunitas and our sponsors, and light d’oeuvres – also includes reserved seating (Limited to first 50 Persons due to room capacity ).

This is a co-produced fundraising cinematic event in support of the ADL Ski Club’s 2Hammers non- profit and Chris Anthony’s Youth Initiative Project, as well as the local Snoqualmie Valley Youth Activity Center.


“Mission Mt. Mangart” Behind the scenes montage from Chris Anthony on Vimeo.

This North Bend/Seattle premiere screening features a live introduction and Q&A with Chris Anthony following  the movie as well as an optional VIP Mixer prior to the show with poster signing, free ADL refreshments, hors d’oeuvres and reserved seating at the theater. We will be giving away swag before the movie and Beer, Wine and snacks will be sold in the lobby before and during the movie. Proceeds will go towards the three non-profits.

Official Trailer

* Best Historical Documentary Cannes World Film Festival 2021 
* Best Documentary Castellabate Film Festival  2021
* Best Feature-Length Documentary Florence Film Awards  2021
* Silver Medal Milan Gold Awards  2021
* Best Original Score Florence Film Awards   2021
* Silver for Original Score Milan Gold Awards 2021
* Finalist for European Cinematography


While many stories have been created about the 10th’s history, this documentary delves into those untold tales from a unique perspective by professional skier Chris Anthony who serendipitously stumbled upon the division’s exploits during his own skiing career. Taking six years to complete, this story found Anthony and would not let him go. Anthony’s life journey was designed to be the person that would stumble across the ingredients needed to put this documentary together in a timeline only he could do.  

Anthony tells the story as a flashback from the present-day while jumping back in time to follow the 10th from 1939 – June 3rd, 1945 with in-depth narration as well as interviews of original 10th Mountain Division soldiers. 

“Mission Mt. Mangart” brings to the forefront a few lesser-known stories that deserve huge recognition, including the women of the 10th Mountain Division, most notably Deborah Bankart whose role in the film is narrated by none other than Mikaela Shiffrin.

A very large portion of the post WW2 North American ski industry growth was energized by the return of the men and women of the 10th Mountain Division from war. Some of the most talented skiers and mountaineers of the time joined the experimental light infantry unit during the war when they heard a ski troop was being formed. They would eventually be patched the 10th Mountain Division before they were sent to Italy and join the fight.

A story that was overlooked in detail over the years — but is so defining of the 10th Mountain Division character — was a divisional ski race in 1945 held on gear they had captured from the Germans on the Italian–Yugoslavian border. What type of characters put on a ski race during wartime? Very motivated ski racers that became soldiers during the war.

The race was intended to “determine once and for all, who was the fastest skier in the division. Of the 76 [competitors] that started, 25 made it to the finish line, one would be crowned as champion,” said WW2 10th Mountain Division Vet Bruce Campbell, who narrated the trailer. “But this small moment in time, was just that, a moment. But it was a catalyst to a much greater story, one made of thousands of heroes, that took place when the world was at war.” 

Through the film, Anthony takes the audience back to 1939 and follows the soldiers’ story up until June 3, 1945 — and then, with help from the current Slovenian Mountain troops, recreates the ski race on the exact same slope with exact same gear the 10th used in 1945.