American Downhiller Podcast Season 2 Is Live

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After an exciting first season of their Podcast, the American Downhillers are back with the first of 14 episodes for the 2022-23 Winter season sponsored in part by your ADL!
There are a variety of ways to listen and watch AJ Kitt, Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan and Greg Lewis break down all the races with unique insight, stories and nuggets galore.

There are a variety of ways to listen and watch. (See below.) Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new episodes that drop weekly!
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Episode #1 – Lake Louise Men’s Races

3-2-1-GO! American Downhiller Podcast Season 2 Is On Course!
The American Downhiller Podcast is BACK for its second season. In each episode, the hosts share their ski racing knowledge, entertain with stories of their World Cup experiences, and discuss what’s happening on and off the courses of the world’s greatest speed races. Featuring Olympians Doug Lewis, AJ Kitt, Daron Rahlves and Marco Sullivan, the podcast takes you into the starting gates and onto the tracks of the world’s fastest races. They will share the behind-the-scenes stories of World Cup racing and also pass along their knowledge to the next generation of speed demons. And along the way, they will invite the Who’s Who of Downhill as guests and pick their brains.

To kick out of the gate on their first Podcast, their guest is one of the legendary Crazy Canucks, Brian Stemmle, who’s arrival onto the World Cup stage coincided with the retirement of the great Steve Podborski. Brian raced with all four of the hosts and shares his thoughts on this year’s World Cup and what’s it’s like to race Lake Louise as a Canadian.
Right out of the gate, the boys talk about the close relationship between the US Ski Team and the Canadian Ski Team from playing hockey together (Canadians ruled) to sharing ski techs and coaches while competing against each other. Early on the teamwork between countries helped both nations gain confidence to compete with the Euros, who did not respect the North Americans at all.

Next the hosts dive into their love/hate relationships with their European competitors. Whether it was friendships made on the podium or bonds made in the hospitals, the crew talks about how they formed tight relationships with the “enemies” that helped push them to new heights. Lewis had Zurbriggen. AJ had Heinzer. Daron had the Hermannator. And Marco had Klaus Kroell. Each had a nemesis who inspired great skiing.

They then dive into the epic course at Lake Louise and the fact that this may be the last running of this course that has rewarded so many World Cup stars for risking it all. The course has made World Cup legends, but more importantly groomed and taught so many younger racers and prepared them for greatness on the World’s stage. The Nor-ams that have been held each year after the World Cup leaves has been such a gift to the development of both Canadian and US racers. The loss of early season Speed training at Lake Louise could be felt for years.

Finally, the crew breaks down how to win on the Lake Louise course. All agree that racers have to separate themselves through the Fishnet-Fallaway-Gunbarrel section, but racers can also easily lose it on top and on the high-speed bottom flats. They discuss the optimal skill-set of a Lake Louise Winner before each giving their Podium predictions on the races to be held this weekend up in the great white north.
You don’t want to miss this inside look at the opening World Cup downhills on the men’s circuit. AND stay tuned for next week’s podcast when the boys with have Lindsey Vonn as their guest! Hear from the GOAT herself (who won on this course 18 times), what makes this course one of the best!

You can watch the Podcast HERE, or listen to it on Apple or Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts. Tune in each week to hear the legends talk about the greatest sport on snow!