Introducing ADL Ambassador & Current American Downhiller Erik Arvidsson

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He’s Looking for a Helmet Sponsor & Meeting Up with Us in Wengen & Kitzbühel

Erik Arvidsson is on the rise and he could use our help. We first met Erik in the Spring of 2021 at Worthy Burgers in South Royalton, Vermont. He had just graduated from Middlebury College and was a rookie on the US Ski Team. A chance meeting with ADL Member Tyson Rich connected him with the club. Two seasons later and Erik has worked his way up the World Cup rankings finishing 6x in the top 30 last season, along with a 9th place in the combined and 17th in the Men’s Downhill at the 2023 FIS ALPINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!  

Do You or Your Company Want To Sponsor A Ski Racer?

This upcoming season has all the potential to be his breakout season. He has done the work, learned the courses and knows what it takes to move forward. We believe in Erik! He could use your help finding a great sponsor for the coveted helmet spot this season. Do you have a company that could use great exposure, or do you work for a company that would benefit? If so, please reach out to Erik at his contact details below. Share this with anyone you think might be interested.

How To Reach Erik:
Instagram: @erik_arvidsson

A Funny Story About How We Met Erik:

Flashback to May of 2021 and ADLer Tyson Rich, brother of Taylor (Alpental – TAS Coach) was sitting at a table in a small town in Vermont; minding his own business, enjoying some nice burgers and beers with his wife and two daughters. Tyson’s email to us was pretty funny…

 “We had some pretty nasty weather over the weekend and couldn’t do a whole lot outside, so Alyssa and I ended up bringing the kiddos on a little adventure to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. After building some custom bears, we headed back toward home and stopped for some dinner at one of our favorite VT burger joints…….Worthy Burger in South Royalton, Vermont.

On my way in I noticed a dude (with a good looking blonde at his side!) eyeing me. Though it was kinda weird to be honest lol! Anyhow, long story short he ended up walking by me a few minutes later and said…..”hey man I dig the hat”……… was my American Downhiller flat brim that you gave us in Kitzbühel. I obviously responded and said it was one of my favorites, followed by “you know these guys?” He then responded modestly with a smile “yeah……I’m one of them!”

It turned out to be Erik Arvidsson. He and his girlfriend both just graduated from Middlebury two days ago and they are getting ready to move out to Colorado for Erik to train full time. Erik was super cool and spent a few minutes chatting with us. He made a big deal out of the kids and really made our day. He’s a young guy but is really cool and very well presented. 

We BS’d a bit and of course talked about the infamous ADL kitz trip that we went on 🙂 He immediately recognized ADL which was awesome. He said how Steve Nyman had this super cool Saslong shirt and he wanted one!!!! I’m not sure how you/we could ever get one to him, but I would certainly sponsor that purchase for our friend Erik! 

Anyhow, it was a really cool encounter with the guy who could potentially be the future of our speed team. And coolest of all…….he digs the ADL!”

How Can You Meet Erik: