ADL Mahre “Corona” Camp 9.0

The 9th Annual ADL Mahre Camp took place at Mt. Hood on June 24-26th, 2020. We overcame the challenges of hosting an event during the Covid-19 lockdowns and pulled off our largest camp ever. Over 28 campers came from all over the country to train with Phil, Steve, Mark Burandt and American Downhill legend AJ Kitt. We capped off the weekend with our legendary Hammerschlagen Tournament of Champions at the Glacier Public House in Government Camp and crowned a new champion.

The 2019 ADL Mahre Camp 8.0

It’s not often you’ll find the Mahre brothers lying down on the job, but our first day of camp saw the Palmer lift put on hold due to high winds. Phil and Steve couldn’t coach racing technique so they demonstrated how to effectively stay out of the wind.