Pro Style Adventures

Traveling With Us

When we started ADL Dream Trips our goal was to create small group trips that embody the traveler spirit of adventure and discovery. We didn't want the trips to be touristy or geared to travelers who want to follow a flag waving group leader through a throng of crowds. We try to replicate the style of the professional ski traveler, going in with a well oiled plan and skiing dream destinations seen only in the covers of high gloss ski magazines. There is nothing stopping us from recreating that mood and experience. After many years we have the formula down - that is find a unique, desirable destination, get a great local lodging partner who knows the area inside and out, lock in a great group of skiers and personalties and go explore.

Our Style - What To Expect

Our trips will be small and intimate. You will meet great people on our trips and make new friends. We partner with local experts to bring you the best the destination has to offer. When we go to World Cup races we introduce you to some of the racers, coaches and other characters of the tour. We try different restaurants, explore various bars and otherwise try to immerse ourselves in the destination.

The style is very independant for how you spend your days and nights. We don't like to tell people they have to ski with a big group or feel compelled to follow reluctantly others in the party. Skiing at your own pace, where and when you want is encouraged. As a host, we always have a main plan for the day and everyone is welcome to stay on it together, but there is always room to do your own thing.

In Europe and Japan we ski big and diverse resorts. There is always opportunity for side and backcountry access. We highly reccomend guests bring their own beacon, probe and shovel and know how to use them, if they are going to pursue these options. Sidecountry is not patrolled or made safe in those countries like it is in the USA so extra risks and caution should be the responsibility of the skier. Please keep in mind you are skiing in unfamiliar terrain which could have various unknown hazards. Local guide services would be reccomended for those wanting to further explore the destinations.

The ADL Difference

We strive to offer unique trips and experiences to destinations not normally on the ski club planner. We avoid large groups and cater to advanced skiers and seasoned travelers. That's not to say intermediates and people who have never left the confines of the USA don't have a blast on our trips - they do! Our World Cup Dream Trips have had guests who couldnt ski due to injuries and they still had an amazing time. There is more to our trips than just the skiiing - Food, Culture, Parties and amazing scenery all create a different experience for everyone.


ADL trips are designed to be affordable. We try to be somewhere between budget and first class. We stay in nice hotels and lodges 3-4 stars only. We save money through keeping extras to a minimum and negotiating good rates for our transfers and other aspects of the trip. By keeping the costs reasonable we try to ensure the average middle class skier can experience the ultimate dream trip.

Flight Advantages

A huge ADL advantage comes with our airfare partnership with industry wholesellers and other partners. We have over 20 years experience in the international airfare sector - we put these partnerships to use to get all our guests the best flights at the best prices. Where others leave you to fend online for yourself, we take care of everything and save you money. Guests wanting to use mileage or other benefits will still be assisted to make sure arrival and departure times and locations are sufficient.